A Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA) must re-certify every two years to maintain their credential. Recertification fees must be paid in full prior to the NCCSA issuing your recertification certificate.

The purpose of recertification is to encourage certified individuals to stay abreast of evolving knowledge and skills in the profession through continuing education and to promote the ongoing competency of those certified through requiring continued practice in the surgical assistant field.

The NCCSA supports 3 different recertification methods: 1) Recertification for NSAA members, 2) Recertification through submission of CEUs, 3) Recertification by retaking the certification exam.

Recertification for NSAA members

If you are a member of the NSAA you must re-certify through submission of 38 CEUs, of which 8 CEUs need to be earned by attending a Live Event every 2 years. The NSAA verifies CEUs on behalf of their members and submits recertification requests to the NCCSA provided you meet the recertification criteria below:

  • Submission of 38 continuing education units every two years
  • 8 of the submitted CEUs must be from a Live Event
  • NSAA must be in receipt of all CEUs 30 days prior to recertification date
  • CEUs may submitted throughout your recertification period
  • On time payment of all appropriate dues and fees


Recertification through CEUs

If you are not a member of the NSAA you may apply for recertification directly to the NCCSA by submitting 38 CEUs, of which 8 CEUs need to be earned by attending a Live Event during your recertification period. Following is the criteria for recertification using this method:

  • NCCSA must be in receipt of all CEUs 60 days prior to the recertification date
  • All CEUs must be submitted at one time, not sporadically throughout your recertification period
  • Payment must be paid when requesting recertification

The fees for recertification using this method is:

  • CE Processing Fee: $100.00
  • Re-certification Fee: $600.00
  • Total: $700

Recertification by retaking the certification exam

You may also re-certify by examination. If you choose this method you must sit for and pass your exam prior to certification expiration date. Please complete the examination application form and submit payment. Please refer to the examination application page of the website for further details on scheduling your exam. No submission of CEUs is required if you choose to re-certify using this method:

  • Registration for the exam 60 days prior to recertification
  • Payment of all fees

The fees for this method of recertification is:

  • Examination Fee: $350.00
  • Recertification Fee: $300.00
  • Total: $650

Recertify for NSAA Members

Recertify through the NSAA

Recertify using CEU's

Use your CEU's to recertify

Take the Exam

Recertify by taking the Exam