The National Commission for the Certification of Surgical Assistants (NCCSA) is your gateway to the Profession of Surgical Assisting. NCCSA is the independent Certification Board of the National Surgical Assistant Association (NSAA) and verifies and validates individual eligibility to sit for the CSA (Certified Surgical Assistant) exam. NCCSA has a diligent process to qualify individuals to sit for the certification examination in order to receive the prestigious Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA) credential.

The certification examination for the CSA credential is known throughout the country as the most comprehensive, complex and thorough examination for testing the knowledge of the surgical assistant candidate. Exam questions are reviewed by surgeons, Certified Surgical Assistants, and other allied health professionals before being integrated into the stringent examination process.

Only those individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and proficiency to perform surgical assisting at an advanced level will be able to obtain the CSA credential.

The NCCSA endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification and continuing education for the Certified Surgical Assistant.

The certification process is designed to promote excellence in the practice of surgical assisting by:

  • Recognizing formally those individuals who meet all the requirements of the Certified Surgical Assistant.
  • Encouraging professional growth of the Certified Surgical Assistant.
  • Establishing and measuring the level of knowledge required for a Certified Surgical Assistant.
  • Providing a standard of requisite knowledge required for certification, thereby assisting employers, the public, and members of the health professions in the assessment of the Certified Surgical Assistant.


To provide professional certification for surgical assistants, thus promoting quality patient care in the surgical setting.


To operate independently in the global community as the essential provider of credentialing services for surgical assistant professionals.