The examination for the Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA) is handled exclusively by the National Commission for the Certification of Surgical Assistants 

Applicants that wish to sit for the certification exam must first submit a certification application to verify their eligibility to sit for the CSA exam. Please click here for instructions on how to complete the certification application. Once your education, training and experience has been verified for eligibility you will receive an email from the NCCSA at which time you may register to sit for the exam which consists of 150 items. Candidates who successfully pass the CSA examination will receive complimentary membership to the National Surgical Assistant Association for the remainder of the current calendar year.

Exam fees are as follow:

  • MD/DO $350.00
  • Graduate from an accredited and NCCSA approved SA Educational Program $350.00
  • New Graduate (graduated within last 12 months) $200.00

Examination fee is due at time of registration for the CSA examination. Please complete the EXAM APPLICATION when you are ready to register. You must sit for the examination within 6 months of the date your application is approved. If you do not sit for the examination within that time, you must reapply for Certification.

  • A $50 non-refundable processing fee applies to all exam fees.

How to schedule for your exam:

  • When you are ready to schedule your exam you must complete the examination application form
  • Please select whether you are a new applicant or taking the exam as part of recertification
  • An NCCSA representative will contact you by email within 48 hours to coordinate the scheduling of your exam

There is a non-refundable fee associated with rescheduling your exam. If you must reschedule your exam you must notify the NCCSA 10 days prior to your scheduled exam date by completing the EXAM RESCHEDULE FORM. There are no refunds available if you are not able to take the test on your original schedule date. Additionally there is a non-refundable rescheduling fee and if you do not provide the NCCSA with 10 days’ notice of rescheduling there will be an additional $100 fee to facilitate the reschedule.

Please note that the CSA exam outline review below is not required or is it a guarantee to pass the examination. 

CSA Exam Outline


Exam Application

Continue here to fill out the Exam Application

Reschedule Exam

Continue here if you want to reschedule your exam.