Initial Program Application Fee


This fee must be submitted with the Program Approval Request Form.

Initial Approval On-Site Evaluation Fee


This fee covers preparation and travel expenses incurred by the NCCSA Education Committee/Site Evaluation Team. It must be submitted with the Program’s Assessment Guide.

Program Approval Annual Fee


This fee is applicable to all NCCSA approved programs. Educational institutions are invoiced on an annual basis on January. Fees for Random/Continuing on-site evaluations are currently included in the Program Approval Annual Fee.

NCCSA Late Fee


The NCCSA strictly enforces a late fee which applies to any payments received in the NCCSA administrative office after the scheduled due date. These fees may only be waived if the program notifies the NCCSA prior to the due date of its inability to make a payment, and an extension is subsequently granted. Only one extension of up to 30 days may be granted to each program. Educational institutions, which fail to meet their financial obligations to NCCSA, are subject to forfeiture of their approval status.

All fees are payable to the NCCSA unless otherwise specified. All fees are non-refundable.