If paying by check, you must do so 60 days prior to recertification deadline to allow for processing.

Fees are listed on the NCCSA website. Any change and the effective date of change for fees will be posted on NCCSA’s web site.

Payment of fees is due in full upon the registrant's initial submission of complete paperwork, and must be submitted 30 days prior to deadline. When a check is returned, further processing will be held in abeyance until the fee plus a $50 returned-check fee submitted to NCCSA.

If credentialing is still being held in abeyance at the deadline for your application processing, then credential will be declared void and the surgical assistant will no longer be certified.

The practitioner who fails to register CEUs and/or pay their fees by the recertification deadline will not be certified by NCCSA and will be notified immediately following the recertification deadline by certified/return receipt mail that he/she

  • Is not certified by NCCSA and
  • Has 30 calendar days to bring payment of fees; to include any penalties or late fees, up to date or ;
  • CSA Credential may be revoked by NCCSA
  • Will only be able to regain certification by successfully completing a Continued Demonstration of Qualifications (CDQ) Examination.

*Published: October 1, 2013